Sweet both to Him and to me. I shall be delighted thus to survey His works and think of His person, and He will graciously accept my notes of praise. Meditation is the soul of religion. It is the tree of life in the midst of the garden of piety, and very refreshing is its fruit to the soul which feeds thereon. And as it is good towards man, so is it towards God. As the fat of the sacrifice was the Lord’s portion, so are our best meditations due to the Most High and are most acceptable to him.

We ought, therefore, both for our own good and for the Lord’s honour to be much occupied with meditation, and that meditation should chiefly dwell upon the Lord himself: it should be “meditation of him.” For want of it much communion is lost and much happiness is missed. I will be glad in the Lord. To the meditative mind every thought of God is full of joy. Each one of the divine attributes is a well spring of delight now that in Christ Jesus we are reconciled unto God. – C.H. Spurgeon

“First. Take this as an ASSERTION. The meditation on God is sweet. And the sweetness of it should stir us up to the putting of it in practice.

Secondly. Take it as a RESOLUTION—that he would make it for his own practice; that is, that he would comfort himself in such performances as these are; whilst others took pleasure in other things, he would please himself in communion with God, this should be his solace and delight upon all occasions. David promises himself a great deal of contentment in this exercise of divine meditation which he undertook with much delight: and so likewise do others of God’s servants of the same nature and disposition with him in the like undertakings.

Thirdly. Take it as a prayer and PETITION. It “shall be, “that is, let it be, the future put for the imperative, as it frequently uses to be; and so the word “gnatam” is to be translated, not, of God, but to God. Let my meditation, or prayer, or converse, be sweet unto him.” – Thomas Horton


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