Hot summer


C.H. Spurgeon

“The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.” [Psalm 121:5,6]

If you’re someone who lives in the northern parts of Canada or say Alaska, a verse such as this might not mean much to you . . . but if you’re living where I live (India) where the mercury touches 46% Celsius and above leaving more than 1400 people dead because of the heat wave and the ‘sun-stroke’ . . . THEN a verse like this is most precious to you!

Because no matter WHAT the heat may be we have to do what has to be done – shopping, going to work, meeting and ministering to people etc, and thank God who has promised to protect us from the sun’s fury. – M.J.

Here are some good thoughts from Spurgeon’s ‘Treasury of David’ on this verse –

“None but the Lord could shelter us from these tremendous forces. These two great lights rule the day and the night, and under the lordship of both we shall labour or rest in equal safety. Doubtless there are dangers of the light and of the dark, but in both and from both we shall be preserved—literally from excessive heat and from baneful chills; mystically from any injurious effects which might follow from doctrine bright or dim; spiritually from the evils of prosperity and adversity; eternally from the strain of overpowering glory and from the pressure of terrible events, such as judgment and the burning of the world.

Day and night make up all time: thus the ever present protection never ceases. All evil may be ranked as under the sun or the moon, and if neither of these can smite us we are indeed secure. God has not made a new sun or a fresh moon for his chosen, they exist under the same outward circumstances as others, but the power to smite is in their case removed from temporal agencies; saints are enriched, and not injured, by the powers which govern the earth’s condition; to them has the Lord given “the precious things brought forth by the sun, and the precious things put forth by the moon, “while at the same moment he has removed from them all glare and curse of heat or damp, of glare or chill.” – C.H. Spurgeon

“NOR THE MOON BY NIGHT. In the cloudless skies of the East, where the moon shines with such exceeding clearness, its effects upon the human frame have been found most injurious. The inhabitants of these countries are most careful in taking precautionary measures before exposing themselves to its influence. Sleeping much in the open air, they are careful to cover well their heads and faces. It has been proved beyond a doubt that the moon smites as well as the sun, causing blindness for a time, and even distortion of the features.

Sailors are well aware of this fact; and a naval officer relates that he has often, when Sailing between the tropics, seen the commanders of vessels waken up young men who have fallen asleep in the moonlight. Indeed, he witnessed more than once the effects of a moonstroke, when the mouth was drawn on one side and the sight injured for a time. He was of opinion that, with long exposure, the mind might become seriously affected. It is supposed that patients suffering under fever and other illnesses are affected by this planet, and the natives of India constantly affirm that they will either get better or worse, according to her changes. — C.W., in, “The Biblical Treasury.”


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