Deep things of God


Peter Masters

‘For the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the Deep things of God.’ [1Cor 2:10]

The Spirit, of course, does not search in the sense that He needs to find out. He is the Holy Spirit, the eternal, all-knowing Holy Spirit, equal with the Father and the Son. He searches in the sense that He surveys and penetrates all knowledge and all events. He has the past, present and future in His mind all the time.

The Spirit searches in the sense that he ACTIVELY KNOWS, taking constant ¬account, and comprehending perfectly all that He knows.

I thought I would illustrate this by reference to an Internet search engine which must search every website every day, but then I realised how far short this fell from the insight of the Holy Spirit. A search engine must hop from website to website with tunnel vision, looking at each one in turn, parking its information in a vast store, forgetting it, and proceeding to the next website. That is no good for illustrating the searching of the Holy Spirit who knows all things continuously, intuitively and perpetually.

In raising this matter, Paul is asking the Corinthians – Why do you want to import Greek philosophy and oratory? Why do you want to quote people who do not know about God or about man’s nature or about salvation? Why are you so anxious to refer to the princes and philosophers of this world? Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit, who inspires the Word and enlightens the believer, is infinitely higher than all these? He is the eternal Spirit, who actively apprehends and appreciates the farthest reaches and the most obscure depths of knowledge whether human or divine, and He is our teacher. Could there be any greater privilege than that of having His light in our hearts?

Says Paul, ‘the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.’ What are these deep things? Are they the highest and most sublime doctrines? No, they are the wisdom of the Gospel, for Paul has not changed the subject. There is nothing so deep as the Gospel.

Enlightened children of God find it easy to say that Christ has died for them, and his righteousness is imputed to them. But they cannot begin to grasp the whys and the hows.

Why, why did Christ pay such a price for a creature like me, when I should have been discarded and judged? And what was the price that he paid on Calvary? He died for my sin, but how deep and extensive was the punishment? I cannot comprehend or measure or tell the depth. All I can say is – ‘LOVE SO AMAZING, SO DIVINE, DEMANDS MY SOUL, MY LIFE, MY ALL!’

There are divine motives and transactions we can scarcely begin to know or appreciate, but the Spirit knows and searches all things; yea, the deep things of God, including the whys and hows of Calvary and of grace. And we shall explore them in wonder through all eternity.

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