Strange Fire final


Michael Jeshurun 

A ‘goat’ on Facebook recently posted a short article titled – “Why Christians should celebrate Halloween” . . . It states –

“It’s this time of the year again when zealous Christians start posting about the evils of halloween and why “real” Christians ought not to celebrate it. Obviously these “real” Christians haven’t read enough history about it, else they would be fully aware that “halloween” is a Christian creation. More accurately, it was a pagan holiday hijacked and adopted by Christianity (much like Christmas and Easter). And since it was created by Christianity, Christians calling it evil and satanic makes as much sense as them calling Christmas or Easter evil and Satanic.Have a happy Halloween. Boo!”

My response –

A true Christian once he comes to know the truth about these pagan Holidays – be it Halloween, Christmas or Easter he will have nothing to do with them! He will not follow a multitude to do evil! [Ex 23:2]

A Christian worships his God according to the due order (or the prescribed way)! [1Chron 15:13] The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the only infallible standard and authority in determining worship ordinances. Any ordinance or ‘holiday’ solely based on Church tradition or man’s authority are rejected by the TRUE CHRISTIAN!

Observing or celebrating Christmas, Easter or Halloween is nothing but offering ‘strange fire’ before the Lord! “And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the LORD, which HE COMMANDED THEM NOT! And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the Lord” (Lev.10:1,2).

WHAT WAS THEIR SIN? Their sin was offering of strange fire, so the text saith that they offered STRANGE FIRE, which God commanded them not. . . . But had God ever forbidden it? Where do we find that ever God had forbidden them to offer strange fire, or appointed that they should offer only one kind of fire? There is no text of Scripture that you can find from the beginning of Genesis to the end, where God hath said in so many words expressly; YOU SHALL OFFER NO FIRE BUT ONE KIND OF FIRE. And yet here they are consumed by fire from God, for offering ‘strange fire.’

When it comes to worshipping God, there MUST BE A WARRANT OUT OF GOD’S WORD. “All things in God’s worship must have a warrant out of God’s word, [and] must be commanded. It’s not enough that it is not forbidden. . . . Now when man shall put a Religious respect upon a thing, by virtue of his own Institution when he hath not a warrant from God; Here is superstition! We must all be WILLING worshipers, but not WIL-worshipers! [Col 2:23] [Jeremiah Burroughs]

So should the true Christian follow the advice of the free-thinking dead soul above who suggests that Christians SHOULD celebrate Halloween? They should IF they too are dead in sin like the one who suggests it. But if they be truly saved from their sin by Christ as they claim to be; then they must HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH AND ABSTAIN FROM ALL APPEARANCES OF EVIL! [1Thes 5:22]



  1. Remember the old saying that “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the trust it putting on it’s boots.” It’s even more true in the age of “Social Media.” Halloween is really a Christian holiday?? Thanks for posting your article and correcting the Facebook fool.

    • While it’s one thing to compromise, it’s quite another thing to justify that compromise. And while I can bear the former I get pretty upset with the latter.

      Like with music – when I tell folks that ‘Rock’ and ‘rap’ music is not of God and ya can’t take that and sanctify it for the Lord in your ‘Christian’ Rock songs, there are many who know that to be the truth and ‘grin and bear it’ while there are a few rebellious ones who come forward and justify it saying that “All music is neutral”.

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