Give me Christ


John Bunyan

When a man is soundly killed to all his sins, to all his righteousness, to all his comforts whatsoever; and sees that there is no way but the devil must have him, but he must be damned in hell, if he be not clothed with Jesus Christ; ‘O! then,(says he) give me Christ on any terms, whatsoever He cost; though He cost me friends, though He cost me comforts, though He cost me all that ever I have!

Like the wise merchant in the Gospel, they will sell all to get that pearl (Matt.13:46). I tell you, when a soul is brought to see its want of Christ aright, it will not be kept back; father, mother, husband, wife, lands, livings, nay life and all shall go, rather than the soul will miss of Christ. Ay, and the soul counts Christ a cheap Saviour, if it can get Him upon any terms. Now the soul indents no longer (as a man bargains for the terms of his impending servitude). ‘Now, Lord, give me Christ, upon any terms, whatsoever He cost; for I am a dead man, a damned man, a castaway, if I have not Christ.’

What say you, O wounded sinners? Is not this true, as I have said? Would you not give ten thousand worlds, if you had so many, so you might be well assured that your sins shall be pardoned, and your souls and bodies justified and glorified, at the coming of Jesus Christ?


God is a debtor to no man! No one has forsaken anything, be it family, friends or finances for the Lord’s sake or made a ‘sacrifice’ for Him who has not been repaid a hundred fold in this very life. Since the beginning of time men have forsaken all sorts of things for the Lord and His Kingdom. But they have never been the worse for forsaking them.

David Livingstone, the British missionary who pioneered the jungles of Africa and died on his knees there, said, “I NEVER MADE A SACRIFICE!” He gave EVERYTHING, but knew that what he was getting in return was worth much more than anything he could possibly give! Although he gave his life, he reaped dividends in immortal souls, thousands reached with the gospel!

Even so the sacrifices we have made for the Lord, is because not only do we love Him with all our hearts but because we are convinced beyond doubt that THIS is a truth worth dying for! God convinces ALL His elect of this!
Michael Jeshurun


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