meditate on Gods Word


“Redeeming the TIME, because the days are Evil.” [Eph 5:16]

In a sermon preached during a New-year’s Eve watch-night service, just before midnight, Charles Spurgeon said the following. “Remember, my hearers, it may seem a light thing for us to assemble tonight at such an hour, but listen for one moment to the ticking of that clock!” [At this point, a few minutes until midnight, the preacher paused, and amid solemn silence, everyone heard the clock with its tick, tick, tick.] “It is the beating of the pulse of eternity. 

You hear the ticking of that clock! It is the footstep of death pursuing you. Each time the clock ticks, death’s footsteps are falling on the ground close behind you. Ah! solemn is the thought, but before that clock strikes 12, some here may be in hell; and, blessed be the name of God, some of us may be in heaven! But O, do you know how to estimate your time, my hearers? Do you know how to measure your days? Oh! I have not words to speak tonight. Do you know that every hour you are nearing the tomb – that every hour you are nearing judgment – that the archangel is flapping his wings every second of your life, and, trumpet at his mouth, is approaching you?

Do you know that you do not live stationary lives, but are always going on, on, on, towards the grave? Do you know where the stream of life is hastening some of you? To the rapids – to the rapids of woe and destruction! What shall the end of those be who obey not the gospel of God? Ye will not have so many years to live as ye had last year!

See the man who has but a few shillings in his pocket, how he takes them out and spends them one by one! Now he has but a few coppers, and there is so much for that tiny candle, so much for that piece of bread. He counts the articles out one by one: and so the money goes gradually from his pocket. Oh! if you knew how poor you are, some of you! You think there is no bottom to your pockets; you think you have a boundless store of time – but you have not!

O take care! take care! time is precious! and whenever we have little of it, it is more precious; yea, it is most precious. May God help you to escape from hell and fly to heaven. I feel like the angel, tonight, who put his hand upon Lot, and cried- ‘Escape! look not behind thee! stay not in all the plain: flee to the mountain, lest thou be consumed!’”


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