I go forward


Thomas Bradbury

“Behold, I go forward, but He is not there; I go backward, but I cannot perceive Him.” (Job 23:8)

“I GO FORWARD.” Frequently believers are overtaken with this fault; and in saying this, I speak for myself. We come to the conclusion that because God has given to us a sweet revelation of Himself and His word, therefore He is bound to reveal Himself, empower us, and crown our efforts with success at our will and our planning and our decisions! Is He?

The scriptures teach that He has bound Himself by oath to perform His promise and purpose in HIS OWN WAY and at HIS OWN TIME!

Oh, to learn to be still and WAIT on the Lord!

I GO BACKWARD.” Many times I retrace my steps to places of covenant favor enjoyed in the days that are past. Many times I dwell upon certain persons and places in pleasing remembrance. TO THESE I WOULD RETURN, but the places are changed and the people are gone and the pleasures are no more. I think of many a choice, green oasis in the wilderness to which I would return; but I find there is no oasis there TODAY. These were good and blessed IN HIS TIME and IN THE FULFILLMENT OF HIS PURPOSE!

The strength given me today is for today, and I shall need renewed strength for tomorrow. “As thy days, so shall thy strength be” (Deuteronomy 33:25). But I have to be still kept learning that- “Day by day the manna fell; Oh, to learn that lesson well.”



  1. A few years ago my family and I were at a very

    difficult time in life / home foreclosure / job loss /

    sickness/ death in the family /

    and raising a special needs child and we

    were STUCK / couldn’t go forward / couldn’t

    Go backwards….. then one day the Lord reminded

    me of the children of Israel at the Red Sea before

    it parted, they couldn’t go forward, and couldn’t

    go backwards and the LORD said “stand still and

    behold the salvation of God” I’m a pilgrim in

    learning, but hundreds and hundreds of times

    after standing still – the LORD’S salvation does

    part the Red Sea for His frail children.

    God Bless


    SC / US

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