Cart before the Horse


By Mike Krall

“The hearing of the Gospel and the act of believing are manifestations of the work of salvation already done in the life of one of God’s elect. The Gospel comes to those whom God has already given Spiritual life, not the means to give Spiritual life. If we say that the hearing of the Gospel is necessary and the cause of the imparting of Spiritual life, this leaves us with some implications that cannot be ignored.’

“God has not given us two ways of salvation: one for those with rational faculties and another for those without. If hearing the Gospel is necessary for one to be regenerate Spiritually born and that the hearing must be understood, then that leaves out those two groups just mentioned. But if the hearing of the Gospel is merely the means whereby God manifests what He has already done (and it is this way), bringing life and immortality to light (2 Timothy 1:10) rather than into being, then we have a biblical warrant not to write off either those dying in infancy nor the mentally incapable. There is no getting around this conclusion without being inconsistent with the position that regeneration the Spiritual birth comes only under the Gospel. The Arminians know this and that is why they have conjured up this unbiblical idea of an age of accountability, something not taught in the written Word.’

 Here is a hypothetical scenario. One has a grand- father that he hopes and prays would believe on Christ. So he takes his grandfather to hear the Gospel and he sits under the preaching and hears the gospel clearly preached with his natural ear and he fully understands it with his natural ear but goes away never believing on Christ as the Savior of sinners (God’s elect). This person even witnesses over and over again to him but to no avail. Then some time later the grandfather is stricken with a stroke, he has lost his hearing and is in intensive care in the hospital. (We have never known of anyone that had an unsaved loved one in such a condition that did not ask for prayer for that person.) BUT WHY? If he is now incapable of hearing or reading the Gospel how can the Spirit all of a sudden work independently of the Word? ‘Ah, but he heard the word at one time,” some will say. But are we to say that there is something magical about the dead letter that gives God the permission now to do his work of regeneration the Spiritual birth. Does God now have permission (liberty) to regenerate Spiritually born someone even if the word was heard 85 years earlier as was the case with Luke Short who heard Puritan John Flavel preach when he was 15 and supposedly got converted at age 100? Mr. Short said that it wås what he heard at 15 that never left his memory and when the Spirit quickened him he then embraced the Christ that he had heard of at age 15.”

This sounds like a good testimony (and it is a good testimony from and going to a natural mind) for the idea of the Spirit needing the Word to regenerate Spiritually born someone, but we believe it is just the opposite. Yes, the preached word was used to bring the truth to the mind, but prior to the preached word being delivered to a child of God, the Holy Spirit had already been there and worked an effectual work of Grace within/upon the child of God by implanting within them the new birth. God sent the Spirit sovereignly to do the work as He sees fit. To limit God to the work of men, in preaching and witnessing, to impart Spiritual life to a sinner is to try and put God in a box, the same way the Arminians have tried to do. The inconsistency of those embracing this view is proof that they cannot take their view to its logical conclusion, to be proven by a “thus saith the Lord!”

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