Hope of Arminianism


William Huntington S.S.

The hope of Arminianism seems to me to differ much from the hope of the gospel, because it allows that Christ died for all men. But Christ declares that the gates which lead to destruction receive the greatest number, (Matthew 7:13).

Therefore, if the former be true, some are in hell for whom Christ died; in which case there must have been a deficiency in the price the Surety paid, or else it reflects on his wisdom, and supposes him outwitted by the serpent, who, through his subtlety, has got legions in his possession, which were the Saviour’s own by purchase. It does not reflect on his wisdom only, but on his power also, who could not hold them that were committed unto him; because the gates of hell have prevailed, and many are plucked out of his hand, (John, 10:28).
It seems likewise to reflect cruelly on the justice of God, who drew his sword, and sheathed it in the great Shepherd, (Zechariah 8:7); and spared him not in the least, nor abated one mite of the debt, (Romans 8:32).

And it is plain that Justice promised, by the blood of his covenant, to send “forth the prisoners out of the pit in which there was no water,” (Zechariah. 9:11); and further, to be “faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness,” (1 John 1:9).

But alas! this is all overthrown if Arminianism be true.

If Arminian hope be fixed on a surety that hath not paid, or cannot pay the debt; or, if it be fixed on a mutable Saviour, having no laws to encourage it but such as demand a debt twice; first of the surety, and then of the debtor; first sending them out of the prison of sin on the surety’s account, or, in their own words, making them sons of God by grace to-day, and after all this letting them fall away, and locking them up in hell to all eternity, until they can pay the utmost mite of what was paid long ago; what establishment is there for hope?

I answer, a hope founded on such doctrines is just as stable as a feather in a whirlwind.



  1. My Dear Brother Mike,
    I love this by dear William Huntington. Of course the Arminian gospel hangs and falls on the gospel of free-willism. Thus all who make that essential “free-will decision” are safe. But alas, no man with his natural will can or will make such a contribution to his own salvation! The Arminian doctrine, as you and others work to proclaim the truth of the matter, is a FALSE gospel. Those who adhere to it, though deceived, are so sure that THEY have the truth of the matter. It does not matter that these old saints like Huntington, Whitefield, Spurgeon and most others of our forefathers, fought this false gospel and preached the everlasting true gospel! But the modern-day Arminians are the ones that have departed from the truth and are caught promoting ERROR in the great falling away, all the while preaching a fantasized Jesus, rejecting the very Lamb of God as He Himself describes Himself to be. May the Holy Spirit awaken many souls to the TRUTH.

  2. Jude 4 cuts to the chase: “…who turn the grace of God into lasciviousness…” The Arminian nonsense (all of it) has as it’s base the ‘non-necessity’ of grace. If a man thinks himself to be ‘saved’ by an act of his “free-will” then he has no need of grace. In the Arminian mind grace is replaced and negated by their own actions and therefore is not necessary.


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