G12 Vision Satans Counterfeit


Michael Jeshurun

A faithful servant of God said many years ago – “Anything which is endured today in the religious world CANNOT be sound doctrine; anything which is approved of, well-attended, popular, is not sound ‘doctrine’. When God raises up His servant, equips him and sends him forth to preach, that servant will necessarily preach the WORD, and DENOUNCE all that is opposed to the Word: hence his message is BOUND to be UNPOPULAR, in fact HATED by all who are not regenerated!

Was it not thus with the Old Testament prophets? Would even the Israelites of their day endure sound doctrine? Would they do so when the Lord Jesus preached it? Would they when the Apostles taught it? Would they in the time of Luther and Calvin? And poor, fallen human nature is the same now! Mark it well, my dear friend, that the people to whom the Old Testament prophets, Christ and the apostles preached were not irreligious! No, indeed far from it! They were very religious: but they were determined to have religion of their own, which suited them, and they would not tolerate anything which condemned them. So it is now!”

The G12 movement was started by Cesar Castellanos, the Pastor of a Charismatic mega-church in Bogota, Columbia (South America). Supposedly, he received a vision from “God” that propelled the idea of meeting in cell groups of twelve (since the number of disciples we twelve). Cesar was greatly influenced by Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho, the pastor one of the largest Charismatic churches in Korea. Intertwined within these Charismatic/Pentecostal movements are the Word-Faith movement (health, wealth & prosperity), the Toronto blessing (signs & wonders), Holy Laughter, Latter Rain & Manifest Sons of God, etc.

So what does G12 Stand for? G12 Means “Government of 12”

The father of G12, César Castellanos, claims that the movement sprang from a series of amazing revelations he received DIRECTLY FROM GOD. As he explains it, in 1982, he resigned as pastor of a small, struggling church in his native Colombia after he grew weary of losing his members and having to “chase after the people begging them, ‘Don’t leave, you are needed and you are important to us.’ … I said, ‘Lord is this what you called me for, to beg people to come back to You? I don’t want this! If this is what shepherding is then this is not what I want.’He resolved not to return to the pastorate until God confirmed the more specific purpose of my call.”

Four months later, while vacationing on the Atlantic coast, Castellanos heard the Lord command him to “Dream of a very big church because dreams are the language of My spirit!”That day, God promised that “The church that you will shepherd will be as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. It will be so big that it will be countless.” (According to Castellanos, “The Bible says that we were created in His image and likeness,” thus “we are capable of dreaming and planning our future just as God does.” The official G12 web site claims that This revelation cut Church History in Colombia in half and also in the rest of the world.

Emboldened by his seaside revelation, on March 19, 1983 Castellanos founded a new church the Mision Carismatica Internacional (MCI) with just eight people in his living room. In time, Castellanos saw the congregation mushroom to 3,000 members yet he still longed to see it grow.

In 1986, Castellanos traveled to the megachurch of pastor David Yonggi Cho in Seoul, Korea in hopes of implementing a successful cell-church strategy in Bogota. But even using Cho’s techniques, after five years the Mision Carismatica had only 70 cell groups — far fewer than Castellanos desired. So he resolved to call upon God again to learn how to accelerate his church’s growth. In 1991, his prayer was answered when he received the “extraordinary revelation of the Principle of Twelve.” He explains that “God removed the veil from my mind and I received the model that is now revolutionizing church growth. God validated the model by reminding me [of] the way Jesus had worked with His twelve disciples.”

There’s no question the methods Castellanos uses produce results. According to the Wall Street Journal, the membership of his Bogota-based congregation has “increased exponentially and has now reached around 300,000 meeting at various satellite churches”throughout Colombia. In fact, the Mision Carismatica claims “50,000 cell groups in Bogota”alone [] and is considered one of the ten largest churches in the world. Together with his wife, Pastora Claudia, Castellanos vigorously promotes his G12 vision across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia in a dozen or more languages. (As of July 2006, more than 380 churches in North America had registered to use the G12 system.

Cesar was greatly influenced by Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho, the pastor one of the largest Charismatic churches in Korea. Intertwined within these Charismatic/Pentecostal movements are the Word-Faith movement (health, wealth & prosperity), the Toronto blessing (signs & wonders), Holy Laughter, Latter Rain & Manifest Sons of God, etc.

Castellanos attempts to justify his distinctive “government of twelve” biblically by stating that “The number twelve always appears in the Bible as a symbol of administrative plenitude and spiritual authority relative to organizing people.” Castellanos notes God established twelve patriarchs (Genesis 35:22,26), there were twelve stones in the high priest’s breastplate (Exodus 28:29), and “With twelve disciples Jesus fed the multitudes, (Mark 6:3544) and with those twelve God established His kingdom on earth.” Perhaps most significantly, he adds, “Jesus selected twelve men in whom He reproduced His character, and they became His representatives in the world.”

G12 training materials are saturated with language reminiscent of sales motivation, in which the faithful are repeatedly exhorted to become “winners” and “leaders” and strive to achieve “victory” and “success”. Pastors who travel to Bogota to learn the G12 strategy at the source are offered a comprehensive training package, and they are encouraged to purchase all of Castellanos’s books so they can fully implement his strategy in their churches. Churches are also encouraged to join the official “G12Net” in order to work with MCI and use its approved methods and materials.

As one official G12 web site explains:
…Pastors César and Claudia Castellanos are regularly receiving fresh revelation to bless and equip churches. This refreshing, ‘rhema’ word needs to be available to pastors and leaders in the vision. The Castellanos are, in reality operating in an apostolic role. They are the Apostles of the vision, like John Wesley was the Apostle of the Methodist Holiness movement. The G12 Network is the apostolic platform for the Castellanos to pastor the vision worldwide. The G12 vision runs on the fuel of Holy Spirit revelation. The more revelation a Pastor or leader has about the vision, the more success he or she will achieve in the vision.

Upon returning to his church, a pastor is to train twelve people from his congregation in the G12 strategy; this group will be “the pastor’s twelve.” Next, each one of these twelve must go and do likewise by choosing twelve disciples of their own who will, in turn, seek twelve more disciples via home cell groups, giving preference to “those who are most successful in producing fruit…” Some observers note that the resulting pyramid structure resembles well-known multi-level marketing models (or worse, classic Ponzi schemes).

Broadly speaking, the G12 strategy employs a four-step method called the “Ladder of Success:” winning, consolidating, discipling, and sending. At its most basic level, the initial twelve chosen by the pastor should seek a host who will open his house or office to start a cell group. A leader coordinates the group, assisted by a “Timothy” who is responsible for opening new cells once the initial group exceeds twelve participants. A cell may begin with six people. At each gathering, the strategy of the vacant chair is used, in which participants commit to inviting someone so the seat will be occupied by a new person at the next meeting. Castellanos advises: “The cell should aim to win at least one new believer every week.”

Unlike traditional cell-church models, the G12 system demands each cell leader and his or her assistants set ambitious “growth goals.” For example, the target might be set on a weekly basis (in which a new believer must be won every week), or a monthly basis (in which the cell leader is expected to open one new group per month). Thus, after twelve months, each leader would have at least 12 cells; and after 24 months, there would be an average of 144 cell groups.

In the G12 “cellular vision,” discipleship is the key to church development. In this system, before a Christian can be considered a disciple, he or she should be directing at least one cell group. Otherwise, he cannot be part of someone else’s “twelve,” and should submit himself to the authority of the leader who chose him. When this disciple has his own twelve, these will also submit themselves to him.

Not surprisingly, Christians across Latin America have testified that the G12 multiplication process is characterized by relentless pressure to proselytize and submit. (As the sign outside one G12 church in El Salvador warns, “The cell that doesn’t evangelize [will] fossilize.“)

How SCRIPTURAL is all this? Dividing a church into cells of 12 cannot be supported by Scripture. What we do find in Scripture is that the Church is likened unto a body—many parts make up the whole, each part just as necessary as another (1 Corinthians 12). The Church is led by elders, served by deacons, and filled with believers. How each individual church is to govern and organize itself is left open to interpretation and supposition by Scripture.

The G12 vision / movement simply is not found within the pages of the Bible, nor are many teachings its proponents espouse. THIS IS WHERE THE TRUE DANGER LIES! As a church-growth model, G12 seems to have worked for many churches, but those Churches are obviously following ‘ANOTHER JESUS, ANOTHER SPIRIT AND ANOTHER GOSPEL”! [2 Cor 11:4]

Surely a Church growth strategy which apes Yongi Cho’s ‘name it and claim it’ false prosperity gospel or the demonic manifestations of the ‘Toronto blessing’ CANNOT BE OF GOD!!!

The Elect of God are getting fewer as we draw nigh to Christ’s coming! The Master said, “When the Son of Man comets, shall He find Faith on the earth”! [Luke 18:8]. The elect of God right now are almost an endangered species. Very few of them left. And if a preacher desires to have a ‘successful ministry’ in our day, he must of necessity be an amuser of goats, rather than a feeder of sheep! The preacher who graduates out of the cemetery in our day has an uncanny intuition to see that if he took a stand to preach the ‘whole counsel of God’, then he will be left without a ministry. And THIS he cannot afford. And so he easily and willingly embraces Satanic counterfeits such as the G12 Vision! For he loves the ‘praise of men’ more than the praise of God! [John 12:43]

And much of the younger nominal Christians of our day seek a ‘sense of belonging’. They cannot and do not want to totally deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Christ; while at the same time they do not want to completely bid goodbye to Christianity and follow the Devil either. And that is where false Churches such as the G12 movement or ‘the Assemblies of God’ and a myriad of other fast growing, entertaining charismatic ‘Churches’ come in!

A solid one hour of loud stimulating ‘Praise and worship’ with lots of worldly young boys and girls jumping around and a message assuring them that God wants to them to be a ‘success’ in this world with ‘health, wealth and prosperity’ is swallowed ‘hook, line and sinker’!

And when a true servant of God meets up with one of these deluded so called ‘born-again’ Christians from these false Churches and presents to them the Sovereign discriminating God of the Bible, it is as though one spoke to them in a strange tongue! Being natural men, they know not the voice of the Master! Because: “the natural man RECEIVETH NOT the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” [1 Cor 2:14]


[The above is gleaned from various sources on the web. God does have His chosen even in these false Churches and it is with them in mind the above is posted]



  1. Another Finneyesque scheme, to which seem to be no end. Who cares about truth? Who cares about faithfulness? Who cares about the glory of God? Who cares about godliness? It’s growth in numbers as the evidence of success. How deceptive!

  2. Michael – thank you

    For this G12 article………….

    Are you familiar with the term

    Hologram Pastor’s or Holographic Services.

    Here in the United States through the

    Sophistication of technology, the lights

    In the sanctuary are turned off and all

    The attention is toward the front of

    The stage, it is then a man steps out

    From behind the curtain and begins

    To preach (ONLY) it is not a live human

    Being, it is a hologram of a human being

    And many do not even suspect it is a


    In other words through this sophistication

    Of technology a Pastor can be in another

    State and his image can be projected

    In front of the Podium as if he was really


    This is so scary and I believe cultic. It

    Is termed Holographic Preaching /

    Holographic Pastors and churches.

    Andy Stanley in Atlanta, GA has done

    this a couple of times, it is still

    scary. The Pastor isn’t really there

    It is only his image.


    Dodi B.

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