Compiled by Michael Jeshurun

We can barely hold a couple of bricks in our hands for a short time, while God measures the oceans in the hollow of His hand, and metes out heaven with the span, and comprehends the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighs the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance! [Isaiah 40:12]

Talk about ‘Power’! Now THAT is an illustration that YOU can understand, but God is much more powerful than all that! In fact the very word ‘Power’ is used as a name of God, ‘the Son of man sitting on the right hand of POWER’ (Mark 14:62), that is, at the right hand of God. God and power are so inseparable that they are reciprocated. As His essence is immense, not to be confined in place; as it is eternal, not to be measured in time; so it is almighty, not to be limited in regard of action’ (S. Charnock).

Lo, these are parts of His ways: but how little a portion is heard of Him? But the thunder of His power who can understand?’ (Job 26:14). Who is able to count all the monuments of His power? Even that which is displayed of His might in the visible creation is utterly beyond our powers of comprehension, still less are we able to conceive of omnipotence itself. There is infinitely more power lodged in the nature of God than is expressed in all His works.

‘Parts of His ways’ we behold in creation, providence, redemption, but only a ‘little part’ of His might is seen in them. Remarkably is this brought out – ‘And there was the hiding of His power’ (Hab 3:4). It is scarcely possible to imagine anything more grandiloquent than the imagery of this whole chapter, yet nothing in it surpasses the nobility of this statement. The prophet (in vision) beheld the mighty God scattering the hills and overturning the mountains, which one would think afforded an amazing demonstration of His power. Nay, says our verse, that is rather the ‘hiding’ than the displaying of His power. What is meant? This: so inconceivable, so immense, so uncontrollable is the power of Deity, that the fearful convulsions which He works in nature CONCEAL more than they REVEAL of His infinite might! [A.W. Pink]

Now this Mighty God who so weighs the mountains and hills is considerate and compassionate enough to weigh and measure the trials and troubles you shall have. “If God appoints that you have ten trials then there can never be eleven. As for the weight of your troubles, He who weighs the mountains on scales and the hills in a balance is careful to measure your troubles, and you will not have an ounce more than his infinite wisdom sees fit.

It may seem that the devil has been turned loose on you, but remember he is always a chained enemy. There is a tether to every trouble, and it can never stray beyond that tether. Nebuchadnezzar may heat the furnace seven times hotter than usual, but God’s thermometer measures the exact degree of heat, and the flame cannot rage beyond that, even though a thousand Nebuchadnezzar’s would command, with all their breath and fury, that the flames be made hotter. Consider everything that you have to suffer as the appointment of divine wisdom, ruled by love, and you will rejoice in all your tribulation, knowing that it will reveal to you the loving-kindness and wisdom of your God.” – C.H. Spurgeon


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