Contemplation of God


C.H. Spurgeon

“My meditation of Him shall be sweet!” [Psalm 103:34]

Beloved, redemption is a choicer theme for meditation than creation is, for its wonders are far greater! I can understand that God should make the worlds, but that He should redeem men from eternal ruin, I cannot understand. The Creator fashioning all things by the Word of His power is nothing like so remarkable an object of meditation as that same Creator, veiled in human flesh, yielding His hands to the nails of the Cross and bowing His head beneath the stroke of death! If creation is marvelous, redemption is a more sublime miracle, a wonder in the very center of all wonders!

Let me dwell a minute on that first word, “My meditation of Him shall be sweet,” Not ANOTHER MAN’S meditation, which is afterwards related to me, but MY OWN meditation of Him shall be sweet! Let me say, concerning the wine of communion with Christ, that it is never so sweet to a man as when he treads the grapes out himself – “My meditation of Him shall be sweet.” You get a text and beat out its meaning, “working your passage,” as we say, into the very soul of it. Then you will understand it and you will also enjoy it!

Make meditation of Christ to be your own personal act and deed! Grasp Him for yourself and hold Him by the feet! Put your own finger into the prints of the nails and, out of your own hearts experience cry, “My Lord and my God!” Then you shall not need that I tell you how sweet such a meditation is, for you will be able to say for yourself, “My meditation of Him shall be sweet.”

It does not matter, my dear Friend, who you are, if you do but belong to Christ, your meditation of Him shall be sweet! You are a very poor and illiterate person, perhaps, but, if you know Him, it shall be sweet to you to meditate upon Him. Or, it may be you are a man of large reading and of wide knowledge. But I am quite sure that there is not in all the range of your reading, anything for sweetness comparable to Him!

THE SCIENCE OF CHRIST CRUCIFIED LEADS THE VAN OF ALL THE SCIENCES! This is the most excellent of all knowledge, compared with which every other knowledge is but ignorance dressed in its best! “My meditation of Him shall be sweet” — even mine as I stand here in the midst of you and yours as you sit in those pews. And as you come presently to this Table of Communion, I hope each one who meditates on Christ will be able to say, “my meditation of Him shall be sweet.”

My meditation of Him, even amid the anxieties of Christian service, shall be exceedingly sweet!

Yes, Beloved, and it is just the same when you come to the anxieties concerning your own spiritual condition. I suppose that the very good, “perfect” people we sometimes meet with, or hear of, never get into the state I sometimes get into, but I believe that many of you feel, at times, cast down and troubled about your own spiritual state. Whether men laugh at it or not, I know that many a child of God beside John Newton has had to say:

“‘Tis a point I long to know,
Oft it causes anxious thought,
Do I love the Lord or no?
Am I His, or am I not?”

I venture to say that as this was the question which the Lord, Himself, put to Peter, it is, therefore, not a wrong question for us to ask ourselves. When darkness veils the skies and the spirit sinks, and a sense of sin is more prevalent than the realization of Divine Grace, then it is bitterness, indeed! And at such a time, the very best sweetener of the waters of Marah is to think of Christ – “My meditation of Him shall be sweet.” A sinner’s Savior – oh, how sweet He is to such a sinner as I! A Savior for those that have no strength – what a precious Savior He is to a weak one like myself! A Savior who, though we believe not as we ought, still abides faithful – what a dear Savior He is to a half-believing one who has to cry, “Lord, I believe, help You my unbelief!”

When I lie dying, when heart and flesh are failing me, when I shall have little else to think of but my Lord and the eternal state, then shall thoughts of Him pull up the floodgates of the river of bliss and let the very joy of Heaven into my heart! And, by His Grace, I shall be eager to be up and away! I shall not dread the pains, and groans, and dying strife of which some talk so much—but the sweetness of “my meditation of Him” shall make me forget even the bitterness of death, itself!

“My meditation of Him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD!” [Psalm 104:34] Hallelujah!


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