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“Those churches that openly deny, vigorously oppose, and even blaspheme the doctrines of grace- the five points of Calvinism- while teaching with equal vigor, conditional election, universal atonement, the goodness and spiritual ability of the unregenerated sinner, conversion dependent upon the free will of the sinner, resistible grace, and the falling away of the saints are also false churches… They are false churches as much as is Rome.

The Canons of Dordt express the authoritative judgment of the Reformed churches upon the Arminian heresy when they damn the Arminian doctrines of conditional, resistible grace, specifically the Arminian doctrine of universal atonement, as “the Pelagian error out of hell.”

No believer may be a member of these churches. Every believer who finds himself or herself in one of these churches is duty-bound to leave it. Now!

And where a believer finds himself of herself in a congregation and denomination that is beginning to take on the marks of the false church in a very definite way, he or she must fight that beginning with all the determination of the urgency of the threat of the false church and the calling to be a member of the true church. Either the church repents, or the believer is cast out, or he or she, having protested and prayed, must leave for a faithful, true church”.

[ Prof. David J. Engelsma]

While Churches may differ concerning the doctrine of future things, mode of baptism or the manner in which a service is conducted etc. when it comes to the truths of God’s Absolute Sovereignty, the extent of the Atonement or the total depravity of man, and the security of the believer. . . there is no place for debate or argument! The Scriptures are very definite concerning these things and the ‘Pastors’ who err concerning these things and “speak not according to this Word” it is because there is no light in them! [Isa 8:20]

True sheep CANNOT sit for long in such churches. If they do so it is only to reveal that they are not the sheep they claim to be and were never truly saved in the first place!

Better sit at home until The Lord shows you a true group of believers than attend such a Church just for the sake of attending!


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