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Michael Jeshurun

Please don’t get me wrong, brethren, I still am a lover of the old fashioned real ‘paper back and hard bound books’ and Bibles. And I haven’t yet sold my massive library in a ‘garage sale’. But the fact remains that I find my Tablet more useful and practical in my study of God’s Word.

There are many reasons for this. I will just state two most important ones. As a servant of God who travels most of the time and enjoys sharing what I have read, ‘word for word’ it would be practically impossible for me to walk around with four trunk loads of Theology and Reference books. But now I have practically ALL these books on my Galaxy Note 4 smartphone which is about the size of my palm and fits into my jeans pocket. A device much smaller than the ‘slate chalkboard’ which I held in my kindergarten! The complete works of A.W. Pink, J.C. Philpot, Owen, Dr. Gill, Edwards, Spurgeon and a whole lot of others ALL loaded on my Smartphone and iPad ready to be accessed at any time!

The second greatest advantage of a Tablet or for that matter any sophisticated smart-phone is the ‘SEARCH ENGINE’. I always like to quote things verbatim (word for word). And my paperback Crudens’ Concordance has now broken into three pieces due to extensive usage over the last twenty three years. And the print is SO SMALL that it is truly a strain on my eyes to search for a given scripture. But not so with my Tablet. I can search out any phrase or word in a ‘jiffy’ and cut and paste the same in the letter which I am writing to a sheep! Now THAT is a tremendous blessing!

And not only can I search out the verse or find and quote something which some theologian has spoken, but I can also highlight it, underline it or write notes beside it as per my desire.

And when I am too tired to ‘read’ I can just turn on an audio sermon or Alexander Scourby’s audio KJV Bible which I have loaded, or when there is an Internet wifi connection I can log in to ‘sermon audio’ or any one of the other myriads of Reformed Christian websites and ‘LISTEN’ to audio sermons, irrespective of whether I am laying down on my bed or traveling on a train. Even a ‘Laptop’ is a little cumbersome compared to these latest tablets.

All that to say, a tablet or a smart-phone is a good investment for a Christian, especially a Christian worker. And no, you don’t have to be a ‘Rocket scientist’ to learn how to use one. I just taught my 65 year old mom how to use one and if she can get it so can you!

Michael Jeshurun


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