Sins of the saints


Dear friend,
Wickedness prevails and increases in our city to a dreadful degree! Our streets are filled with the sons of Belial, who neither fear God, nor regard man. I wish my heart was more affected with what my eyes see and my ears hear every day! I am often ready to fear lest the Lord should show His displeasure in some dreadful way!

And surely, if He were strict to mark ALL that is amiss—I myself would tremble! Oh, were He to plead against me—I could not answer Him one word! Alas! my dear friend, you know not WHAT A POOR, UNPROFITABLE, UNFAITHFUL CREATURE I AM! If you knew the evils which I feel within, and the snares and difficulties which beset me from without—you would pity me indeed!

So much forgiven—yet so little love to Jesus.

So many mercies—yet so few returns.

Such great privileges—yet a life so sadly below them.

Indwelling sin presses me downwards; when I would do good, evil is present with me! I can attempt nothing—but it is debased, polluted and spoiled by my depraved nature! My sins of omission are innumerable. In a word, there is . . .

much DARKNESS in my understanding,
much PERVERSENESS in my will,
much DISORDER in my affections,
much FOLLY and MADNESS in my imagination!

In short, I am a riddle to myself—a heap of inconsistency!

Alas! when shall it be otherwise? I have a desire of WALKING WITH GOD—but I cannot attain unto it. Surely it is far better to depart, and to be with Jesus Christ—than to live here UP TO THE EARS IN SIN AND TEMPTATION!

But, “We have an Advocate with the Father.” Here my hope revives! Though wretched in myself—I am complete in Him! He is my wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. On this “Rock” I build—for time and eternity!

Excerpt from The Letters of John Newton



  1. I’m presently reading a book by John Newton

    titled “Letters of John Newton” he always

    refers to himself as “chiefest of Sinners”

    after his conversion he had zero self exaltation

    or / zero self admiration of himself – this is so lacking

    In the world of Christianity.

    Thank You ~


    • John newton is not your everyday ‘run of the mill’ preacher. He was a man who knew both his God and his sin. His letters are truly deep and insightful. Newton never pretends to be something he is not but always tells it like it is. THAT is something very few preachers of our day possess.

      Here is a quote from him –

      “But, alas! these my golden expectations have been like South-Sea dreams! I have lived hitherto a poor sinner, and I believe I shall die one! Have I then gained nothing by waiting upon the Lord? Yes, I have gained, that which I once would rather have been without, such accumulated proofs of the deceitfulness and desperate wickedness of my heart, as I hope, by the Lord’s blessing, has, in some measure, taught me to know what I mean, when I say, “Behold I am vile!”

      And, in connection with this, I have gained such experience of the wisdom, power, and compassion of my Redeemer; the need, the worth, of his blood, righteousness, attention, and intercession; the glory that he displays in pardoning iniquity and sin and passing by the transgression of the remnant of his heritage—that my soul cannot but cry out, “Who is a God like unto you!” Thus, if I have any lower thoughts of myself, (Eze. 16:63), and any higher thoughts of him than I had twenty years ago, I have reason to be thankful.”

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