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Gary Shepard

Many people talk about salvation by grace. The word “grace” is often upon the lips and in the conversations of religious people. After all, everyone knows Ephesians 2:8,9, “For by grace are ye saved through faith….” But there is more to these verses than that. It continues, “and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Many make faith a condition of salvation which would then make it no longer grace. No, even faith is the gift of God’s grace. Furthermore, God’s salvation is totally exclusive of any or ALL works. Nothing a sinner does in any way adds to salvation in any way. This means that God’s grace is really that, GRACE! But over the years I have found out that this kind of grace is SCARY GRACE to most people. It’s a little too much grace. One reason being that this kind of grace takes every part of salvation totally out of man’s hands.

This kind of grace excludes man’s will, man’s decision, man’s works and man’s maintaining so it also excludes man’s boasting! Paul asks the question, “Where is boasting then?” Then he answers it, “It is excluded.” A lady once asked me, “Do you mean that I have nothing at all to do with my salvation?” I told her, “you do all the sinning but God must do all the saving.” Such is the grace of God. This makes grace so contrary to the fallen natures of Adam’s race. Also, sadly, such grace is also scary to most preachers! They are scared that if they preach a full, free salvation by grace it will make people sin more. Or, they’re scared they won’t have control of the people and cannot exploit them with their promises of reward or the threats of punishment. Such works-mongers are afraid of a salvation that is without the works of the law, saying it will give men a license to sin. To this I say, look around you, men have already given themselves a license to sin and sin is what they are about. I am sure of this, when the Spirit of God reveals to a sinner the awfulness of their sin before God and their inability to save themselves, under that conviction they cannot settle for anything but this scary grace! Rather, they would be scared to be saved by any other kind!

Grace is simply salvation in and by Jesus Christ alone. His cross death for sin is grace. His blood shed to satisfy God’s justice for sin is grace. And as the prophet said, when the last stone is placed in this building of God of which Christ is the Foundation, it will be with shoutings of “Grace, grace”(Zechariah 4:7).


3 thoughts on “SCARY GRACE

  1. How true. Most (or even all) of the groups which call themselves by the name of Christian use the word “grace” to describe salvation. The great danger is how they admit grace is the free gift of God and then add the ability or effort of man to the gift. How frightful a thought that God could save a man by His own work!!! The unconsidered consequence of such a man-centered theology is the proposition that God’s gift is not enough to save a man. What a weak and pathetic gift and God whose salvation is insufficient to save a man! Better to leave man’s addition out of it and let the eternal work of the Man Christ Jesus speak for itself.

    • Great truth. Shout it from the roof-tops! Proclaim it in all the land. The Gospel of God’s Sovereign Grace is the only true Gospel of Christ. Many who speak of “grace” have not a clue what it is really about.–Glen Berry

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