Gary Shepard

When the conscience is bowed down under the weight and guilt of sin, all the well wishes of men cannot soothe it. Nothing will quiet it as it accuses and nothing will quench the fire that burns there. Nothing, that is, except the blood of Jesus Christ. By that I mean, nothing but the truth of Christ crucified poured into our hearts and minds by the Holy Spirit.

As in a court, nothing will give the prisoner relief except the judge say, “Not guilty.” Nothing will release from the responsibility of debt but a receipt marked, “Paid in full.” For this reason, the only thing that must be preached to sinners condemned before God and looking toward eternity is the gospel of Jesus Christ. For sure, it is not the gospel that sets men to doing for themselves. It is no gospel that tells the pauper to pay this or that. It is not the gospel that tells the lame man to walk straight. It is no gospel that says “free yourself” to the man in chains. No, the gospel is “good news” and “glad tidings.” So in order to be such it must come to man in his true and real condition. If it be conditioned on anything done by him or experienced by him or even felt by him, it is no good.

So to the prisoner God’s gospel says, “the truth shall make you free.” To the man unable to pay divine justice what is required it says, “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law” and that in a just way since He “was made a curse for us.” Men may cry, “Peace, peace, when there is no peace.” We who preach the gospel cry, “Christ made peace by the blood of His cross.” Men say, “all you have to do is accept Jesus.” Those who preach the gospel say, “God has already made us accepted in the Beloved.” Some will even say, “All you have to do is say yes.” I say, “All the promises of God are YES and AMEN in Christ!”

Peace from God is not received by doing anything but by believing and if you can believe, you will. If you can believe, it is because God has given you faith and God-given faith always finds peace and rest in Christ alone. Only peace with God through the sin-cleansing blood of Christ can give the peace of God, the peace that passes all human understanding.


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