SAYERS AND UNSAYERS — Lips/Pens of Contradiction


SAYERS AND UNSAYERS — Lips/Pens of Contradiction

Bill Bryant

Can Arminians say and unsay in the same message, same paragraph, even the same sentence? YES, AND SO CAN CALVINISTS! Example: W. G. T. Shedd in his
DOGMATIC THEOLOGY, Vol. 2, p. 483.

“The non-elect receives common grace, and common grace would incline the human will if it were not defeated by the human will. If the sinner should make no hostile opposition, common grace would be equivalent to saving grace.”

This comes from a “Calvinist” who claimed to believe in IRRESISTIBLE GRACE!

This is nothing but Arminianism renamed—that common grace becomes saving grace if not resisted.

Common grace has absolutely no basis in Scripture. It is antithetical to Scripture.

It is opposed to God’s holiness and justice. It is a contradiction to the true

Gospel of true grace, free grace. GOD’S GRACE IS NEVER COMMON, rather always in each and every case distinguishing favor. God’s election is in no case a form of human self-selection and/or self-improvement. Persons in no wise make themselves to differ in Biblical grace.

Beware when Roman Catholics as well as some Calvinists speak of “grace”—they say and unsay bringing anti-biblical definitions to sweet Bible words and SOUND DOCTRINE. In fact, some Calvinists I fear come full circle resulting more Romish than ought to be tolerated. And deliver me before breakfast from “peace at any price” pseudo-humility that refuses to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered.

Accountability: I am accountable for what I DO NOT do as well as for what I do.

I am accountable for what I DO NOT SAY as well as for what I say.

Gainsayers are too well received by too many. Where truth is loved, lies must needs be hated. Politicians, nor writers, nor teachers, nor preachers should not speak/write out of both sides of their mouths.

Oh, consistency thou art a virtue!


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