C.H. Spurgeon

Think WHAT that love must have been which brought the Lord of glory from the highest heaven to become the Man of sorrows for our sakes!

Think again HOW GREAT that love must have been which caused Him who is God to become a man for us! We remember that JESUS DIED BECAUSE OF LOVE! ” Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” That laying down of life in our Lord’s case was specially a proof of love, for He died voluntarily; there was no necessity upon Him, as upon us, to die.

Other men, if they died for us, would but pay the debt of nature a little before its time; but Jesus died who needed not to die, so far as He himself was concerned. He died also amid circumstances of pain, and shame, and desertion, which made that death peculiarly bitter. The death of the cross is to us the highest proof of our Saviour’s infinite love to us.

He must die the death of a felon, between two thieves, utterly friendless, the object of general ridicule; and this He must do as bearing our sins in His own body. All this makes us say, “Behold HOW He loved us!” O beloved! can we doubt Christ’s love, since He laid down His life, “the just for the unjust, to bring us to God”?

It was BECAUSE OF THIS LOVE, remember, dear child of God, that THE LORD MADE THEE LIVE. I cannot quote at full length that memorable passage in the sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel; but there you have our condition represented as that of a deserted infant cast out to die, unwashed, unswaddled, bleeding itself to death in filth and misery; and it is written that when the Lord passed by, He said unto that infant, “Live.” Even thus did He speak to us, and we lived, and rose out of our misery. He declares that the time when He thus passed by was “a time of love.” Shall I not touch your hearts when I remind you of the Lord’s time of love to you?

Remember your cast-out condition, your helpless distress, your hopeless ruin. You lay between the very jaws of death, and no one eye pitied you; you did not even pity yourself. Jesus looked on you long before you looked to Him. He spoke to you before you spoke to Him. He said, “Live!” and you did live, but before that you were dead in trespasses and sins. Then He washed, clothed, beautified, and adopted you. He made a wretched foundling to be joint-heir with Himself.

O love! Matchless love! We owe our spiritual life to love, and therefore as long as we live we will praise the Lover of our souls! Amen!

Say “Praise the Lord!”


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