Michael Jeshurun!

When was the last time you sat down and either wrote or typed out an honest letter from the heart to someone you love? In a world of emails, texting, Facebook, and Twitter etc, the art of writing a serious letter is falling out of fashion. What a sad thought!

Writing letters is truly a gift and few have it. Then there are others who are just plain lazy though they might be gifted. It is indeed a SACRIFICE to communicate. “A man that hath friends must show himself FRIENDLY”! [Prov 18:24] “To do good and TO COMMUNICATE forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased”. [Heb 13:16]. The word ‘communicate’ in the Greek is Koynohneeah which according to Strong’s is translated – participation, social interaction, and communication etc.

There are many to whom I have written a deep heartfelt letter sharing my heart and hoping that they would relate and have some deep communication with me, only to be disappointed. The least one can expect is that the ones we write to would at least address the issues and concerns we have raised in our letters. But sadly they do not. Even where I have specifically asked for their opinion on a given matter, saying ….. “Blah, blah, blah, what do YOU think”? I hardly ever get an acknowledgement of the question’ let alone an answer!

Letter writing was one art where Pink truly excelled. He would start many of his letters with – “Your last letter dated 14/2/1919 is to hand”. This means he had his friends’ last letter right before him and answered every concern in it PARTICULARLY; giving GOD’S ANSWERS from the WORD or his OWN EXPERIENCE.

As much as lieth in me I try to follow his godly example. I try and address specific concerns mentioned in letters written to me. And even if I don’t have an answer right away, I make a strong note of it in my mind and pray for God to give me the right words to say later. And the Lord hardly ever fails me. “The heart of the righteous STUDIETH TO ANSWER”. [Prov 15:28] And again, “If any man speak, LET HIM SPEAK AS THE ORACLES OF GOD”! [1Pet 4:11]. Scripture says, “A man hath JOY by the answer of his mouth: and A WORD SPOKEN IN DUE SEASON, HOW GOOD IS IT”! [Prov 15:23]

A divorced lady friend of mine some time ago sent me a ‘News Letter’ from a very sound theologian, which started thus –
“‘Dear Friends,
The One of perfect knowledge and infinite wisdom said, “It is not good that man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18). I heartily concur! Both Sara and I found it difficult to be separated from each other during the time she spent caring for her ailing father in the USA, and began making plans to be reunited immediately after his passing July 23″. Etc.

Personally, if I were to publish a News Letter, I would NEVER word it thus; bearing in mind that my ‘News Letter’ would be falling into the hands of many divorced and separated Christians.

In fact I right now have a brother who phones me almost every day to talk about the Lord. This Brother is only 31 years young and his wife left him a year ago. In all our conversations I make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to NEVER ever mention what a great blessing my wife is or how ‘we went out for dinner’ or any such thing which would unnecessarily trigger thoughts of the wife who left him. On the contrary, I keep reminding him how MARRIAGE ISN’T EVERYTHING and it is only a means to an end. I also assure him how the Lord can more than make up for the loss of his spouse.

Then there is another Brother who is issue-less (no children), and whenever we meet up I never ever tell him how great my boys are etc, but I keep reminding him that it is better to be without children if so be the will of God and that God promises to give His issue-less children a name which is better than that of ‘sons and daughters’ [see Isa56:3-5]

It is not enough to know theology. If we are going to minister in any way to the Lords’ sheep, then we need to be sensitive and VERY PRAYERFUL in what we share. ‘Be thou diligent to know the STATE OF THY FLOCKS, and look well to thy herds’ [Prov 27:23].

But you don’t have to be a theologian to write to a brother or Sister in need and comfort them! Just the fact that you took the pains to write will assure them of your care and concern! So make the time to write that letter and lift up your fellow brethren! For with such sacrifices God is well pleased!



  1. Hi Michael.
    Wondering if we can buy the poster of Gods hand and lightning? Do you have it with out the words from Job.
    It is for our creation museum at Church ( under Curse). Please let me know what is available and how much
    Thank you,

  2. Dear brother Mike Jeshurun, This article is so timely and so needed. I have always been a communicator, but over the last years, have had to fail many times due to my severe illness and inability, and weakness. But do so appreciate it myself to receive lovely caring emails from brothers and sisters in Christ, but they are so very rare. I think the art of true letter-writing (or in modern day, email writing) has so slipped into decay over the years. I do fear that it is mostly due to the English christians that contribute so little. There are exceptions, of course. Thank you for your contribution and I agree with all you have written. God bless you richly. Keep writing. Love in Christ, English Rose

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