God is not a fortuneteller, a soothsayer, a mere predictor. He doesn’t have a crystal ball. He knows what’s coming because He plans what’s coming and He performs what He plans. In Isaiah 46:10 He says “My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all My purpose!” He does not form purposes and wonder if someone else will take responsibility to make them happen. “I will accomplish all My purpose!”

So, based on this text, here’s what I mean by the sovereignty of God: God has the rightful authority, the freedom, the wisdom, and the power to bring about everything that He intends to happen. And therefore, everything He intends to come about does come about. Which means, God plans and governs all things.

When He says, “I will accomplish all My purpose,” He means, “Nothing happens except what is My purpose.” If something happened that God did not purpose to happen, He would say, “That’s not what I purposed to happen.” And we would ask, “What did You purpose to happen?” And He would say, “I purposed this other thing to happen which didn’t happen.” To which we would all say, then, “But You said in Isaiah 46:10, ‘I will accomplish all My purpose.’” And He would say, “That’s right.” Therefore, what God means in Isaiah 46:10 is that nothing has ever happened, or will ever happen that God did not purpose to happen. Or to put it positively: Everything that happened or will happen is purposed by God to happen.

“God worketh ALL THINGS after the counsel of His own will!” [Eph 1:11]


[Quoted from desiringgod.org]


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