“When God closes a door, look for a window!” Have you ever heard that before? Someone probably said it to you when you failed to get that perfect job you applied for. Maybe someone spouted it off after you failed to make the team or when that university rejected your application. Whatever the case all of us have had doors close on our hopes and dreams.

So what do we do when that happens? We immediately look for a window!

For what it’s worth-I think looking for a window is a dumb idea.

I’m not convinced God replaces doors with windows. I think a better approach to a closed door is to just keep checking the door. Think about it. The only time you should be jumping through a window is if your house is on fire. In fact, when people are seen climbing through windows it usually means they have been locked out or they’re trying to break in. Climbing through windows usually means someone is in trouble or someone is trying to cause trouble. God knows this. That’s why when he closes a door he usually locks the windows as well. It’s not because he’s mean or wants to frustrate us. He simply closes doors so that he can get our attention.

So, the next time God closes a door in your life, don’t be so quick to look for a window to jump through. I’d suggest you take some time to pause and reflect on why God closed the door in the first place. Maybe he wants to teach you patience or instill in you the discipline of perseverance. He could be protecting you from a bad decision or showing you what it means to fully trust him. Whatever the case, closed doors are God’s way of getting our attention. Read that again. Read it slowly. Let it sink in: God, the creator of the universe, will close doors in your life in order to get your attention. You know what that means? It means God cares about you. It means that God is not distant. It means he wants you to know him personally. So forget about looking for a window and just listen.

In the end, closed doors help us hear the voice of God in our life. Closed doors are God’s way of reminding us that he loves us. It’s his way of correcting our perspective on life and helping us see that what he offers is way more fulfilling than anything this world offers.

So next time God closes a door, instead of looking for a window, listen for what God wants to say to you. When you hear him, check the door again. You might find it open, if not He will open another door for you!

(copied from the Web)


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