C.H. Spurgeon

The worldling’s motto is, “A bird in the hand”. “Give me today” say they, “and take tomorrow whoso will”. But the word of believers is, Spero meliora – my hopes are better than my present possessions! – [Elnathan Parr, Spurgeon’s ‘Treasury of David’]

There are some who say, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Yes, it may be so with the poor birds that sing here, but, for my part, I am willing to wait till I can have the one in the bush if it is in the bush that burned with fire BECAUSE GOD WAS THERE!

You may have the bird in the hand, if you will. You will soon pluck off its feathers, it will speedily die in your hand and there will come an end to it. But there are other birds which, as yet, we cannot reach, but which are really ours, and if we cannot at present grasp them, we are willing to wait God’s time—because we can see that they will be in our hands in the future, we can already see them “afar off.”

Unhappy is the man who sees nothing but what he calls, “the main chance,” or who sees nothing but that which is within a few feet of him. Wretched, indeed, is he who lives only to get money, or to gain honor—whose whole life is spent in the pursuit of personal comfort, but who never had his eyes opened enough to see the eternal things, and who never was able to set a value upon anything but what could be paid for with pounds, shillings and pence. Beloved, have you seen the promises afar off? Has the Lord opened your eyes to see eternal things? Then it is written concerning you, also, “Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God.”


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