Matteo Pacifico

Beloved in the Lord, How thankful we should be for that infallible Word of God which utterly exposes the lies that keep mankind in the seething corruption of moral darkness. O, how very differently does the Bible present King David’s adultery from the way the world of modern entertainment would! Blessed be God forever, Who rescued us from the influence of Hollywood’s midnight darkness, and gave us a heart to supremely cherish the truth of His blessed Word.

We see now that at the center of David’s fall are these word’s concerning Bathsheba; “The woman was very beautiful to look upon ..” (2Sam 11:2) As is so often the case in the sacred Volume, the words here are few, but priceless for their moral worth, and this is the truth that they forcefully declare : PHYSICAL BEAUTY – ‘GOOD LOOKS’ – ARE SO FAR FROM BEING AN ASSET, THAT THEY ARE A SERIOUS ABIDING THREAT AT BEST, AND A POSITIVE CURSE AT WORST. This certainly proved to be the case with Bathsheba.

As so often happens, Bathsheba’s comeliness was an unfortunate influence in Uriah’s choice for a wife. Little did this dear man know that the portrait of this stunningly beautiful young woman would later be drawn very differently in the Word of God: “As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion” [Prov 11:22] Such exactly was Bathsheba – she was not a victim of rape; no, she was no doubt flattered at being noticed by the king himself, and was a willing accomplice in his dastardly crime. O, let us bow to God’s infinite wisdom which has forever joined feminine beauty with indiscretion, at times UNIMAGINABLE indiscretion.

These “good looks” are like great wealth – God almost always gives them to reprobates, and in the very few instances where elect women were endowed with beauty IT WAS ALWAYS ATTENDED WITH TROUBLE – NEVER WITH HAPPINESS. Beautiful Sarah had to twice lie about her relation to Abraham. At least twice she was brought into the harem of a heathen king, and escaped being violated only by divine intervention. Abigail was , “A woman of beautiful countenance ” (1Sam.25:3), but her beauty, as well as Bathsheba’s, meant that they had to share the affection of their common husband, David, with each other, several other wives and concubines. O, what a horribly cruel, unnatural arrangement! O, how terribly overrated are these “good looks!” Heaven’s wisdom declares them to be a “fool’s paradise” and those blessed with heavenly wisdom will treat them as such.

PRIDE AND IMPURITY – these are the ONLY contributions which physical attractiveness can bring to a Christian – they will never, ever contribute virtue or happiness. Why is it, beloved, that in that same sublime passage (Prov.3l) in which God extols the priceless worth of the virtuous woman He also pours holy contempt on the world’s insane overrating of physical beauty? Surely it must be that this external beauty is a relentless enemy to virtue. Uriah eventually faced the crushing truth that “His heart could not safely trust in “Bathsheba (Prov.31:11) Alas! her extraordinary beauty left no place in her heart for virtue. Man’s rotten history has one thing to tell us; external beauty has almost always produced vice, but NEVER ONCE has it produced virtue.

O who can sufficiently lament the legacy of such poor wretches as Marilyn Munroe, Elizabeth Taylor (10 marriages), and now Britney Spears, the unmentionable abominations of filthy “Madonna”, Angelina and Brad Pitt? What a curse have “good looks” been to them and a host of poor creatures like them!

Our God has not left us here to draw attention to ourselves, and most especially has He not called us to further the seething moral corruption that is in the world through its lusts. But this is exactly what you do when you accentuate your lips and eyes with make-up, wear clothing that is fashionable, flattering, eye-catching, form-fitting, and which does not completely cover your nakedness. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO LOOK ‘CHICK’ AND BE CHASTE.

Bathsheba paid dearly for her indiscretion, and so will every other woman who does not make it her supreme objective to honor God with her appearance, and choose rather to die than to be an occasion of sin to others. “Beauty is vain, favour is deceitful: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Prov.31:30) O, Lord, be gracious to us all in this lascivious and adulterous generation.



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