compiled by Michael Jeshurun

“All the “unclean” animals were spoken of as “abominable.” The Israelites were to learn to regard all creatures which were forbidden for food as offensive in their sight. Many of those prohibited were, for one reason or another, objects of natural aversion; fitting, therefore, to be types and pictures of SIN – “that abominable thing which God hates!” [Jeremiah 44:4].

Probably nothing in nature affords such a vivid conception of that which is loathsome and disgusting as certain members of the animal world. “The ugliness and spitefulness of the camel the filthy sensuality of the hog, the voracious appetency of the dog, the wolf, and the hyena, the savage ferocity of the tiger, the sluggishness of the sloth, the eagle clutching innocence in its talons, the vulture gorging on putrescence, the slimy fish that creeps among the mud, the snake watching in the grass, the scaly thing that crawls on all the land and in all the sea;” – here we have a striking and almost terrible picture of the repulsiveness of sin. The training of the Hebrew mind to look on “unclean” animals with greatest aversion helped them to view sin in the light in which God would have us regard it, viz. –

AS A THING WHICH HE HATES UTTERLY, “It is even an abomination unto Him,” it is “that abominable thing which He hates.” He is “of purer eyes than to behold evil, and cannot look on iniquity.” The falseness, the impurity, the grossness, the oppression, the selfishness, the profanity, the ingratitude of human nature, are as unendurable in God’s sight – things from which He turns with as pained and troubled an eye – as are the most revolting actions of the unclean among the beasts of the field or the reptiles that crawl on the earth, in our esteem. Language fails to express the idea; the vilest habits of the lowest creatures will alone convey the thought of the repulsiveness of sin in the sight of God.

As A THING WHICH THE HOLY HATE. Holy angels, the “spirits of just men made perfect,” holy men on earth, – all holy spirits, like the Holy One himself, hate sin, shrink from the sight of it, regard it “even as an abomination.” David records for us his intolerance of iniquity [Psalm 101]. Peter tells us of the vexation of Lot’s righteous soul with the unlawful deeds and filthy conversation of the wicked [2 Peter 2:7,8]. The message that comes from the attitude of the holy is, “Ye that love the Lord, hate evil” [Psalm 97:10]. – W. Clarkson

“Before we can understand the great love of Christ, we must know the nature of sin. Sin is worse than the devil. If you are more afraid of the devil than sin, you know very little of its badness and thus little of Christ’s love. If a man does not know the nature of his wound, how can he know the nature and excellence of a cure? Sins filthiness goes beyond our knowledge, it pollutes us, and we are not even aware of it.

There are aggravations attending sin against God’s love and promises. Alas, our unwillingness to abide in affliction, and our secret murmuring under the hand of God. We may wonder why we are so chastised, and think our affliction should be removed sooner. Or we have slight thoughts of our own guilt and take lightly our need for forgiveness. Who knows the utmost tendencies of sin and that which every sin drives at? This is plain: the least deserves hell!

But this is not all: sin in us kills others. Good men think little about how many are hurt by their sin. How many unaware drive their own children down into the deep by not walking carefully? We easily blame the hard-hearted sinners who offered their children to devils, when it is easy to do so worse ourselves! They but killed the body, but we body and soul in hell by our poor example! Do we know how our sins provoke God, and grieve the Holy Spirit?

They weaken our graces and spoil our prayers. They tempt Christ to be ashamed of us. Alas, how short we fall from the knowledge of ourselves and what is in us! Who has the perfect knowledge of all these things? I know that no one has a thorough knowledge of them all. And yet the love of Christ saves us from all, notwithstanding all vileness and soul-damning poison that is in them.” – John Bunyan



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