“What do you think of the Roman Catholic ‘Church’?”, the Anglican clergyman was asked. “If it’s not the Church of Jesus Christ, then it has to be the devil’s mistress.”, was his reply. Poor man, Oxford had taught him Greek and Hebrew, and yet he was still not quite clear as to the satanic character of Roman Catholicism. Yes indeed, Papal Rome is Satan’s masterpiece, and much the same can be said of Rome’s adulterous offspring – CHRISTMAS – arguably the most ancient, powerful and universal seduction known to man.  Who can deny that the Christmas observance has something in it to appeal to EVERYONE? The world’s giant retailers depend on it for a significant part of their annual profits. In fact, its “religious” content notwithstanding, the enormous appeal – the very complex mystique, of this annual festivity can be reduced to two driving forces : PROFIT and PLEASURE.

An objective appraisal of Christmas would have to conclude that it is THE WORLD’S GREAT ANNUAL DRUNK. Not that all are intoxicated over Christmas, BUT MANY ARE; many that rarely get drunk during the rest of the year.  This alone speaks volumes about Christmas.  This writer has very clear memories of the drunken Christmas seasons he witnessed while growing up in South Africa. O how sad was the sight of men staggering in the streets or sitting on the curb, next to their own vomit, barely able to mutter a “Merry Christmas.”! The loud call of Christmas is undoubtedly, “let us eat, DRINK and be merry.”  And O! how eagerly does the infamous “mother” of this baptized paganism – Papal Rome, seize on this season as her greatest opportunity to bring many unwary souls under her bewitching influence.

Think of it, dear Christian reader, has not experience shown you that Christmas “intoxicates” all who participate in it? Those who don’t get drunk on whisky, are still temporarily carried away by the distracting flurry of activities associated with it.  There is the often frantic search for suitable gifts, the Christmas cards, the finding, decorating and setting up of the idolatrous Christmas tree (Jer.l0:4), the preparation for sumptuous feasts, and for most congregations in America, this seasons calls for tedious exercises in drama, in preparation for the annual Christmas play.  And “‘Tis the season to be jolly”, and also for the endless repetition of “Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.” – very honest expressions, because the very heart and soul of Christmas is – not worship, but MIRTH – frequently great, debauched and even disastrous mirth.  O the strange mystique of Christmas!

How seductively it lures its devotees into overspending, massive overeating, powerful emotional upheavals that bring on deep depression, making Christmas the prime season of the year for suicide.  Surely it can’t be an overstatement to say that a fierce cosmic force like this must be anti-Christian and satanic, and cannot possibly be of God. The fact that some truly Christian people participate in this festivity in no way  mitigates against its really pernicious effect, but only underscores its tremendously powerful influence over human nature.

Former Russelite, William Schnell, described his deliverance from that totalitarian religious system as a passing from powerful religious deception “into the light of Christianity.”  And so can this writer testify to his deliverance – total and very happy deliverance, from the Christmas tradition.  Most gracious Father, Thou knowest what a poor slave I was to the carnal charms of that pagan festivity – a slavery that had its start in very early childhood.  Thou Knowest that though we tried so hard to make it Christian, yet we never failed to experience spiritual, emotional and even physical harm by participating in it.  Blessed by Thy most precious Name for delivering us from its powerful bonds, opening our eyes to see its deep paganism and Christ-dishonoring character.

Reader, have we digressed from our meditations on what Grace teaches us (Titus 2:l2)? Not at all!  Grace commands us to “Live soberly”, and we have found that Christmas activities are a powerful threat to that lovely sobriety.  How can we experience anything but spiritual distraction, defeat and loss when, without a word of Scriptural warrant, and against all Scriptural direction, we join with a depraved, God-despising world in its idolatrous mirth? A dear neighbor – a professing Christian woman, has a sign in her yards that reads “Keep Christ in Christmas.”  No, dear soul, He was never in that abomination, and you will never find Him there.  May the Lord pity her and any reader standing in need of these few remarks, sent only for the honor of our most precious Christ and the good of the reader.

Come, let us lift our voices high – high as our joys arise.

And join the songs above the sky where pleasure never dies.

Jesus, the God that fought and bled, AND CONQUERED WHEN HE FELL;

That rose, and at His chariot-wheels dragged all the powers of Hell.

The Lord! How glorious is His face! How kind His smiles appear!

And O! what melting words He says to every humble ear!

“These are the wounds for you I bore, the tokens of My pains.

When I came down to free your souls from misery and chains.”  – l.Watts

More, much, much more than enough is He for this ever- needy soul,

Matthew Pacifico


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