J.C. Philpot

“Thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.” [Micah 7:19]

Look at the promise contained in our text, “Thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.” What a description this is of the way in which God takes all the iniquities of His people and casts them into the depths of the sea, so that they may be hidden forever from the sight of His eyes as a just, pure, and holy God, and be forever lost and buried in the depths of an unfathomable ocean. And what other sea, mystically viewed, can this be but the blood of Christ which cleanses from all sin, which has washed away all iniquity, purged all transgression, cast all the sins of God’s heritage behind His back, and drowned them in a sea unfathomable of grace, mercy, and love?


Satan with all his hosts can never drag up from the depths of the sea one of the sins of God’s people which He has cast therein. It does not merely say the sea, but “the depths of the sea,” the deepest place that can be found in the sea; so that sins cast into the depths of the sea are absolutely irrecoverable; for they have been cast there by God himself, and what He has cast out by His hand, His hand will never bring back. If YOU had taken your sins and cast them into the sea, they would have been found again. Like a floating corpse, they would have been thrown back upon the shore and been a witness against you, as the murdered body found upon the beach would testify against the murderer. The eye of justice would have seen your sins floating on the sea or stranded upon the beach, and the hand of justice would have laid hold of them, imputed them to you, and sent you headlong to hell with them, tied like a millstone round your neck.

But when GOD takes all our iniquities with His own hand, and casts them with His own arm into the depths of the sea, they will never come out of those depths to witness against the family of God in the great and terrible Day. Your sins now may seem to be all alive in your breast, and every one of them to bring accusation upon accusation against you. This sin is crying out for vengeance, and that for punishment. This slip, this fall, this backsliding, this foolish word, this wrong action, are all testifying against you in the court of conscience.

Do what you may, be where you may, live how you may, watch and pray how you may, keep silent and separate from the world or even from your own family how you may, sin still moves, lives, acts, works, and often brings you into guilt and bondage.

But if God has had mercy upon us He has cast all our sins with His own hands into the depths of the sea, and those sins have no more eyes to look at us with angry indignation, have no more tongues to speak against us in voices of accusation, have no more life in them to rise up and testify that they have been committed by us, that God’s law has been broken by them, and that therefore we are under its condemnation and curse. And there is no truth in God’s word more certain than the complete forgiveness of sins, and the presentation of the Church of Christ at the Great Day faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy. [Jude 24,25]

Praise the Lord!

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