A sister wrote me this morning –

“Hi Mike,
I too had and have many questions about Billy Graham’s view on Decisional Regeneration – Ecumenicalism – and many other questions. Just finished listening to {John Pittman Hey} message titled “The Controversial Billy Graham”

When you have time please listen to it – John P. Hey – gives much insight ~ re: Billy’s strong foundational beliefs, his belief in that he was a great sinner and that Jesus was the way, truth and life, John shares Billy had much gold in his ministry but as many ministers also had much wood, hay and stubble, and a ministry of flawed saints.
God Bless”

My reply –

Thank you for writing. I have enjoyed many sermons by Pittman Hey, but I must disagree with him on his views concerning Mr. Billy Graham. Whatever ‘gold’ there appeared to be in Graham’s life or ministry it wasn’t the real thing! As A.W. Pink once said, “All is not gold that glitters!” No big deal if a man believed that he “was a great sinner and that Jesus was the way, truth and life” My Roman Catholic dad who died trusting his ‘wafer-God’ too claimed to believe the same thing.

How can a Christian especially a preacher be a man of God, if he is not PROTESTING against that which parades in his Lord’s garb, while making MERCHANDISE OF THE SOULS OF MEN?! [Rev 18:13] And THAT is what Billy did for a major part of his ‘ministry’! He sent all the Roman Catholics who made a ‘decision’ in his crusades right back to the Roman Whore! And you’re telling me that there was ‘gold’ in such a man’s ministry?!!!

Something’s SERIOUSLY WRONG with the ‘Christian’ who can shake hands with a Roman Catholic and call him a ‘brother’ when countless souls under the altar are crying out to God to avenge their blood on the Great Whore! (Rev 6:9,10)

But I am not one bit surprised at men like Pittman Hey who apologize for wolves in sheep’s clothing like Billy Graham. When you have an established Church running with a considerable membership of supporters then you’ve got to water down your preaching and make some compromises. You cannot afford to tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may! To do so would be to kiss your ‘ministry’ goodbye! And you can’t afford that!

Sorry, I do not agree with John Pittman Hey’s evaluation of Billy Graham. A blessed weekend to you dear Sister.

“For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I SHOULD NOT BE the servant of Christ!” [Gal 1:10]


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