Michael Jeshurun

Almost every evangelistic meeting in our day advertises this promising message- Jesus is the answer! You’ve tried everything else, now try Jesus! Or Pick Jesus and He will solve your problems, etc.

We are here to tell you that Jesus is not ‘the answer’ for the social, moral and financial evils which plague mankind.

Christ is not here to deliver the alcoholic or the drug addict or cure the cancer patient or solve someone’s financial woes! His mission always was and still is in His own Words – “To seek and to save that which was lost!” [Luke 19:10]

Yes, Jesus IS the ‘answer’ but only to them who are truly ‘lost’ and subsequently ‘called’, but to the rest He is as the apostle said, “a stumbling block”! [1Cor 1:23,24]

Jesus came not to set right the moral and social evils of the world, or for that matter to solve men’s financial problems and give them a prosperous life. He came to seek and to save that which was lost!

WHO are these ‘Lost’?

They are those whom the Father chose from before the foundation of the world and permitted to be lost through the Fall only to be sought, found and be redeemed by Christ. They are those whom He calls sheep as opposed to goats! [Matt 25:32] It is for these and these alone that Christ came, and of all these ‘lost’ He loses NONE! “And this is the Father’s will which hath sent Me, that of all which He hath given Me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day!” [John 6:39]

And unlike Darius “who would gladly have saved Daniel, but could not” (Dan. 6:14) the Lord Jesus seeks and saves every single one of God’s Elect whom He came to save!

The plain fact that many die in their sins and go into a Christless eternity ought to tell us that not ALL are ‘lost’ as most Christians presume! For if they were truly the ‘lost’ and belonged to Christ’s fold, then they would be found and saved by Him before they closed their eyes in death. Amen?

These lost sheep are those for whom Christ came! And all the sheep that Christ owns in time He owned from eternity. No one ‘becomes’ a sheep in time and joins Christ’s fold. Those who are brought into His fold in time were always a part of His flock from eternity, and as we said above they were in the wisdom of God lost through the fall. All that the Great Shepherd does is seek and save that which originally belonged to Him by divine decree!

One of the important facts which many miss out when studying the parables of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Lost Son is that in all three cases the ‘seekers’ sought for that which was ALREADY THEIRS! [Luke 15:4-32]

The Shepherd HAD a hundred sheep, and the woman HAD ten coins and the father was looking out and patiently waiting, not for a stranger but for HIS OWN SON!

God’s elect do not start out as goats and later become sheep by accepting Jesus! The sheep are sheep from ETERNITY! They are KNOWN and loved by the Father from BEFORE TIME BEGAN!

“Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, WHICH WAS GIVEN US IN CHRIST JESUS BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN!” [2 Tim 1:9]

And here’s the kicker – No man knows he is ‘lost’ until Christ finds Him!

In his hymn Amazing Grace, John Newton wrote – “I once was lost but now am found!”

LOST is the condition of ALL whom God saves. Lost, that is, in such a condition as to not be able to know God, save ourselves or find the way to God, to please God or come to Him. Why are there so few that are saved in our day? Maybe it is because nobody’s really lost. Nobody actually see themselves in this desperate condition – LOST.

Fact is, “If you’ve never been lost, then you’ve never been saved!”

THIS is whom Christ came to save and this is whom He saves – the LOST! Lost means helpless, hopeless, and unable to save ourselves. Lost in sin. God’s people are described as “LOST SHEEP” and in need of the Shepherd’s seeking and saving.

Those who are truly “lost” must be found. When they are found by the seeking Shepherd, they attribute all of their salvation to Him and say as Newton, “I once was lost but now AM FOUND!”

Praise the Lord!

10 thoughts on “JESUS IS NOT THE ANSWER!

  1. Just because God knows, before, during and after, who will accept the calling of the Holy Spirit, does not mean that one does not have free will. He knows but we don’t, therefore we are commanded to take the Word to the ends of the world. Thank you:)

    • It is NEVER a matter of “God knowing who will choose Him or not”; it is ALWAYS and ONLY a matter of who God chooses, the supposed “free will” of man does not exist, especially when it comes to eternal salvation—John 1:13 and John 15:16. Injecting the “free will” of man into the Gospel is a lie of satan, making the real Gospel “another gospel” that has no message of salvation and no possibility that those who adhere to it are saved.

      • The Word says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believeth on Him shall Not perish but have everlasting life.” I believe all are called but most refuse to answer. Thank you.:)

      • And here comes another one who has not yet understood that when God says “so love the world” it does not mean that God loved every single human being who ever existed; if it was so, He wouldn’t have hated many people as reported in the Scriptures, He wouldn’t hate everyday the workers of iniquity.
        You must always compare spiritual things with spiritual (1 Corinthians 2:13) meaning Scriptures with Scriptures to properly understand what God says in His Word, and not achieve unbiblical conclusions by basing all your “understanding” with one single verse.
        The Holy Scriptures are not made with one verse only.
        And someone who truly has the Holy Spirit, is therefore guided into all things to be taught in all the Truth as far as the Scriptures allow from Genesis to Revelation.
        If someone claims to be “Christian”, yet he/she stays stuck in one single verse to proclaim something that is clearly in opposition with all the rest of the Scriptures: it could be very probable that this person does not have the Holy Spirit, therefore not saved at all and still dead in his/her sins…unless, time by time, there are evident signs of repentance, meaning a correction from the past heresy to the truthfulness of the Scriptures.
        So, in the first place, again, it is totally incorrect to affirm that “God so loved the world” interpreting it as “He so loved every single human being ever existed”, because in the light of all the rest of the Bible it is clearly not so; when God says that “He so loved the world” it means that not only He loved (with an everlasting love) the elects among the people of Israel (of Israeli ethnicity) from the Old Testament time, but then He expanded His love to the rest of the elects spread all around the world (also the elects among the gentiles in the whole world), manifesting therefore that God’s plan was not to save only some people among the Jews in the Old Testament time, but also many others who are not of Israeli ethnicity (the gentiles) in all the world in the New Testament time.
        Then, as clear example, you can simply go to Romans chapter 9, where you can (if God permit) understand that God made some as vessels of honour (of mercy) and others as vessels of dishonour (of wrath), meaning that since before the foundation of the world God already planned (in His eternal mind) to create some humans to be saved and others to be condemned, and so everything will come to pass exactly as God has purposed (and certainly it is not the man made of dust who will change what God has already appointed, nobody can!): this is the biblical Truth: that God has not loved at all every single human being ever existed, but of course the Truth it cannot be understood by those who are dead in their sins because the natural man cannot understand the spiritual things of God, because they are foolishness to him/her.
        May God bless you.

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