-preacher James Guyo

“Therefore hath He mercy on whom He will have mercy, and whom He will He hardeneth!” [Rom 9:18]

Everyone who reads Romans 9 knows exactly what God is saying. They just don’t like that kind of God because He rubs our flesh the wrong way. And so people come up with some foolishness that is supposed to cushion the reality of that God. My friends, the God of Romans 9 is the God of the Bible and is the only God that exists and is the God that you have to deal with.

Many theologians and people have developed hives trying to soften Him but to no avail. If you stand with the God of Romans, you are going to get accused of saying God is the author of evil. This term is actually a high sounding nothing term that was coined by people who will not submit to the true God who has revealed Himself and know nothing about the true God. God claims that He is the Potter of the clay and does whatever He wants with what is His.

What is difficult to understand about doing whatever you want with what is yours? We do what we want with our shoes, clothes, etc., but somehow God has to seek our approval if He has to do what He pleases with what is His? That is the folly of human beings. We think God exists for us, for our glory and not us for Him and because of Him. The problem is, we actually think we belong to us and owe our existence to ourselves, but God says nope.

You belong to Him and for this purpose He raised you up that He may glorify Himself in you, in salvation or condemnation. We can throw tantrums all we want and for as long as we want, but the Lord remains unmoved. His testimony stands forever. Amen!

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