Michael Jeshurun

Martin Luther once said, “The best teacher is the one who does not bring his meaning into the Scripture; but gets his meaning FROM the scripture.”

Why would Luther say a thing like that? It is because even way back in his day there were those who were bringing THEIR meaning to Scripture and putting their spin on it – plucking a verse here and there out of context to give clout to THEIR carnal opinions and reasonings. Erasmus’ contention of ‘man’s free-will’ being a case in point, to which Luther wrote a whole diatribe titled “De Servo Arbitrio” or “The Bondage of the will”. A ‘must-read’ if you haven’t already read it.

The world hasn’t changed much in our day, beloved. Supposed theologians and Bible teachers are twisting and misinterpreting Scripture to buttress THEIR carnal delusions. Take for instance the renowned ‘Bible teacher’ Dave Hunt. . . . he claims that Acts 13:48 should be read, “As many as ‘DISPOSED THEMSELVES’ to eternal life believed.” not “as many as were ORDAINED to eternal life believed.”

Such an ‘interpretation’ upsets none but the true child of God! The rest of the nominal ‘bench-warmers’ will commend their ‘pastor’ for the error! “Oh thank you so much for explaining this difficult verse to us, Pastor. We were so troubled and confused as to how our loving god who loves every one and hates no one could be guilty of what some ‘Hyper-Calvinists’ believe – i.e. that God loves one and hates another without any regard to their works, and has ordained only a FEW to Salvation! But you have so beautifully explained it to OUR satisfaction” etc!

Sadly, early in my Christian life I too reasoned that if God indeed had made Salvation available to those who believe, then everyone on the face of the earth should be given a ‘fair chance’ to hear the Gospel and decide for themselves.

See? BOTH of those thoughts were MY thoughts and opinions, and surely not GOD’S. It is a historical fact that multitudes before the Cross have perished without this ‘fair chance’ of hearing the Gospel. And even after the Cross there have been a great number who have died before they ever came under the sound of the Gospel.

Remember? ‘MANY‘ are called, not ‘ALL‘! [Matt 22:14]

And even amongst these ‘many’ only a few are ‘chosen’. Which means even my second reasonable ‘opinion’ that those who ‘hear’ the Gospel should ‘decide for themselves’ is a wrong opinion. Because according to the Bible, man (i.e. fallen depraved man) has ALREADY made that decision or choice in Adam to go his own way and reject God. The divine record is that “The wicked (i.e. Adam’s children) are ESTRANGED FROM THE WOMB: they GO ASTRAY as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” [Psalm 58:3]

It is only as we humble ourselves and realize that, “we are but of yesterday, and KNOW NOTHING” [Job 8:9], and come with a humble attitude and prayer saying, “That which I see not teach Thou me” [Job 34:32] and “Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy Law!” [Ps 119:18] THEN we begin to hear Him, and are taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus! [Eph 4:21]

It is THEN that we learn that before a man can start ‘seeking God’, God must first seek HIM! [Rom 10:20; 3:11] That before a man can love God, God must first love him. [1Jn 4:19] And if a Christian knows anything aright, God must first teach him; if he walks in the way to heaven, God must first put, and afterwards keep him in it; if he has anything, God must give it to him; and that if he does anything aright, God must work it in him. [Phil 2:13]

In one word, the Word of God destroys all of our carnal fleshy ‘opinions’ and beliefs and teaches us that “Salvation is of the LORD!” (Jonah 2:9) from the first to last, and that “without Christ we can do NOTHING!” [Jn 15:5]

Praise ye the LORD!

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